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Welcome to Temple Farm Stables

The Cochran family has farmed on Arniston Estate since 1872. We started the livery yard alongside the farming approximately 30 years ago. We have been BHS Approved since 2008 and this year we invested in a major revamp.

See our facilities page for our new and improved training venue.

Cross country course opening 1st April 2021 for general bookings.

We also have a show jump grass arena for hire, mini xc course and our off road hacking.

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Meet the team - Mike and Ginny Cochran

We have been married since 2004 and have a daughter- Georgina. Mike has farmed all of his life, primarily sheep (often checked his flock on a thoroughbred!) Nowadays he can be seen on his John Deere keeping our venue in tip top condition
Ginny has worked with horses for the last 30 years after training for BHS exams at the Dick Vet University of Edinburgh campus. She was brought up in South Africa and has lived and worked both in Africa and Belgium where she was Head girl and Instructor. She has worked in several different yards, teaching etc until coming to Temple in 1997.

Karen Rostron - Yard Manager

I have been at Temple Farm Stables since I was knee high to a grass hopper! I learned to ride here at the age of 3 which evolved into livery and working. I have a BSc (hons) degree in Zoology which led me onto a graduate management role following university. I am now enrolled on a Masters of Business Administration online degree to enhance my understanding of management and all that it entails. I am also currently working towards my Stage 3 Complete Horsemanship qualification through the BHS
In my working life, I have been in many equestrian roles, gaining experience in all aspects of the equine world. It has taken me to Australia where I worked on a racing stud farm and riding schools such as Gleneagles. I have the pleasure of owning two beautiful mares which adds a lot of spice into my life. Brandy at 24 is a Temple Farm legend, giving me experience in all competition spheres including dressage, showing and eventing. Saffy, at rising 5, is getting ready to step into eventing and will undoubtedly provide some entertaining moments (for others if not for me!).

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