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Run by Mike and Ginny Cochran. Mike has been a farmer all of his life and has extensive knowledge on grass management. He arrived at Temple from neighbouring Yorkston Farm in 1985 and is known for his relaxed and humorous manner.


Her first horse was a hunter she rode in the Eglinton Hunt branch of the Pony Club,where she competed him in varous disciplines, mainly cross country and has had horses all of her life. After leaving school and going back to South Africa,where she was brought up, she came back to Scotland to train for her BHSAI at the Royal DickVet School in Roslin, Edinburgh. She then went on to work, teach and then manage a competition/ livery yard of 50 horses in Belgium. On returning to Scotland she taught in several stables and came to Temple in 1997.

Together they run (with their young daughter!) a livery yard in a very relaxed, and above all, friendly way which creates the best environment for the horses.

We also make handmade blackboards. Usually animal shaped but we can do Cinderellas or Pirate Ships etc. Ginny also has her own business making Tweed Lampshades.



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